Top Tree Tips

Healthy trees are the foundation of a healthy property. Discover our tree service tips for general contractors and our insights into tree health in a broader context.

A Minnesotan's Guide to Winter Dormancy

The survival mechanism that cold-climate woody plants have adopted is essentially a full system shutdown during winter months. This is called a dormant period, and it's pretty cool.
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Evergreen Appreciation Season: Top 5 Minnesota Conifers

Coniferous evergreens thrive in Minnesota. These iconic winter trees are found throughout the state, and are worth a special shout-out during the holiday season.
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Trees are stressed—here's how to help

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a stressful year for pretty much everyone. People aren’t the only ones feeling the stress – trees are, too.
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Watering Wisdom: Should you be watering your trees?

All trees need an ample supply of water to thrive. Learn how to give your trees the water they need in the manner they’ll use it best.
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Spring Action Plan for Tree Health

As the most impactful and noticeable vegetation around your home, the health of your trees goes a long way towards ensuring the health of your yard. 
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Minnesota's Trees: Five Common Native Species

There are 54 different species of trees native to Minnesota. We’ve put together a quick overview to help you identify some common tree species you will encounter throughout our state. 
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The Best Time of Year for Tree Trimming

The trees in our yard, near our business, or in our local parks need regular trimming and maintenance in order to remain healthy and strong, and there are distinct periods of the year that are better “trimming times” than others. For most types of trees, the ideal pruning period is late winter—though there are a few exceptions. 
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Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed

It can be a difficult decision to remove a tree from your property. There are cases, however, where removing a tree is ultimately the kindest choice to make—not only for the other trees in proximity, but for the health and safety of your family.
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The Real Impact of Trees on Your Health

There are very real health benefits to time spent in the presence of trees. In fact, trees may offer a solution to soothe many of the physical and mental ailments common in today’s society. Learn more about ways that trees impact your health.
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Benefits of Trees in Commercial Settings

There’s a good reason why savvy business owners take note of the trees on their property: Studies have shown that the presence of trees in commercial settings can impact the perceptions and behavior of customers and clients. 
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Committed to Broadening Horizons

As tree service experts, it is our responsibility to stay on top of the latest thinking regarding the art and science of tree care.

We strive to pass on our knowledge to our customers in the hopes that, together, we can foster an understanding of—and appreciation for—the true value of healthy trees in our communities.