Rapid storm recovery services

Get help with storm cleanup when you need it most. Efficient service, fair prices—for everyone.

Tree in a tough spot?

In the aftermath of devastating storms, you need an expert eye, a steady hand, and professional equipment to get your property back in shape.

A storm capable of downing trees is nerve-wracking enough, but assessing the damage and removing hazards from your property can be even more stressful. TreeStory’s cleanup crews will handle all aspects of post-storm recovery.

“These guys are easily 5+ stars! Amazingly helpful, reasonably priced, and were very courteous. I couldn't be more thankful for the work they did following a wicked storm. Thank you for coming to Iowa!”
— Derek P.

Take back your property!

With our industry-leading Sennebogen Tree Handler, TreeStory can remove any tree in as little as 20 minutes—no matter how big it is, or where it’s fallen on your property.

The Sennebogen is a strong, maneuverable, and extremely precise machine that makes moving and segmenting trees a simple and efficient process.

If you’ve got fallen trees on or near your home, we’ll break it down and get it ready for the city to haul away—all without doing further damage to your home or property.

Meet the Sennebogen 718:

- Low ground disturbance makes it great for residential areas.
- Self-leveling on uneven terrain.
- 12,000 lb lift capacity handles large trees with ease.
- Quick deployment makes for efficient operations: Arrive, solve the problem, and on to the next.


Things have been stressful enough for Iowa in recent weeks—so we want to make the clean up process as simple and pain-free as possible!

From our straightforward estimate process, to our quick-deploy machinery, to our efficient and friendly on-site presence, you can rest assured that we will handle your property’s clean up promptly and professionally.

- Licensed and insured tree professionals
- State of the art, specialized equipment for rapid tree removal
- Yard-friendly machinery & courteous crews
- Safety-certified

We’re here to help! Call us at 319-727-8442