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Kwik Trim

The Loftness Kwik Trimmer has one job, and it does it beautifully. Meet our 53-foot tall tree trimming and ROW clearance hero.

  • 24” saw blade & 10” cutting capacity
  • 360 degree range of cutting
  • Dielectric certified to 100KV


Our trusty CAT 299D XHP skidsteer with a Loftness Mulching Head maneuvers through tight spaces with ease, clearing overgrown brush and other unwanted vegetation.

  • 106 HP diesel engine
  • 44 GPM hydraulic flow to run forestry head
  • 5.3 PSI ground pressure


The Bandit 21 XP Wood Chipper is a monster, plain and simple. It includes a hydraulic winch for dragging trees and materials inside, and allows us to chip a large amount of trees extremely efficiently.

  • 300 HP diesel engine
  • 21" diameter chipping capacity


With our Bobcat E85 Excavator and TMK Tree Shear attachment, we can efficiently cut trees up to 12 inches in diameter. Our CMP Rotating Bypass Grapple attachment pictured here allows us to move and sort brush as well as feed our chipper.

  • 9,750 lb lift capacity
  • 23 ft 7 in reach at ground level

Bucket Truck

Our International DT466 bucket trucks allow us to handle hard-to-reach trimming jobs and dangerous, overhanging limbs.

  • 65 ft working height

Chip Truck

Our hefty Freightliner Chip Trucks help us leave any job site cleaner than we found it.

  • Hauls 50 cubic yards of chips and debris
  • 500 HP Detroit diesel engine


The Terra Tech Treemaster removes hazardous limbs over lines with its limb clamp and multi-directional, axial-rotational cutting head. We're able to cut in tight spots from the safety of an enclosed cab, and rely on a well-insulated mounting system that stands up to dialectric testing.

Liebherr LH22

The Liebherr LH22 is an extremely versatile piece of equipment, with an elevated cab, impressive reach, and interchangeable attachments. The LH22 allows the operator to safely dismantle trees from the safety of the cab.

  • Up to 54 ft reach
  • Cutting capacity up to 12,000 lbs
  • Attachments rotate 360°
  • 143 HP diesel engine
  • TreeStory has the first LH22 forestry machine in North America!
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