Grubbing & Destumping

Set the stage for new growth with subsurface vegetation clearing.

Grubbing and Stump Grinding Services

Our crews remove the remaining stumps, logs, and other subsurface material from the ground with an assortment of heavy machinery, including stump grinders and excavators.


Even if land has been cleared of surface vegetation, there's a lot of stuff remaining under the ground.

Grubbing involves stump and vegetation removal at a subsurface level, clearing out root structures and old material to leave a space clean and clear for development or recreation.

Stump Grinding Services

Got stumps plaguing your space? Reclaim smoother ground with our stump grinding services.

Our specialized equipment grinds the stump down below the ground, allowing fresh topsoil to be added and new plant growth to begin.

Wood, roots, and other refuse generated from grubbing and stump grinding can be chipped and repurposed for mulch, making the whole process more environmentally-friendly.

Excavator on city street removing stump after tree removal. Specializing in municipal tree services, including destumping
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