Tree Removal

Removing a tree is a dangerous operation—leave it to the professionals.

Safe and efficient tree removal

Over the course of a tree’s life, there can come a point where removal becomes necessary—if, for example, the tree is dying, structurally unsound, or poses a safety threat to other trees, people, or property.

If you have a tree that may need removal, our first step is a thorough on-site assessment to determine whether removing it is truly the best solution.

If removal is the best course of action, we begin by establishing a detailed risk-mitigation game-plan for all on-site crew members.

We then use situationally-appropriate equipment—often a combination of bucket trucks, man lifts, professional climbers, ropes, pulleys, and rigging equipment—in order to safely and efficiently fell the tree. Once the tree is safely down, we haul away the logs and brush.

Excavator working alongside gravel road in trees & other vegetation to move & sort brush for TreeStory
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