Benefits of Trees in Commercial Settings

With all the stress that comes with running a company, the exterior setting of your business can often be overlooked. But there’s a good reason why savvy business owners take note of the trees on their property: Studies have shown that the presence of trees and other greenery in commercial settings can impact the perceptions and behavior of customers and clients. 

Make the Right Impression

In studies of shopping districts across the United States, commercial areas with well-maintained trees were rated as more appealing and desirable in the minds of consumers—so much so that people were willing to drive longer distances just to shop in an area featuring healthy greenery. What’s more, customers were willing to spend more time and money in stores where trees featured prominently in the exterior landscape. Shoppers are influenced by the presence of trees to view stores as more upscale and attentive, and set their budgets accordingly. 

Embrace Biophilia

Beyond the material benefits that healthy trees can impart on a business, there are subtle psychological benefits to greenery in commercial settings. Put simply, trees make people happy. This is posited to be due to something called the biophilia hypothesis: the tendency of humans to seek out and surround themselves with other forms of life. Studies show that time spent in natural environments lowers blood pressure and anxiety, increases immune response, and promotes mental clarity; all good things for visitors to—and employees of!—your business. 

As a business owner, you might be concerned that trees will obscure your building’s façade and signage—but don’t let that be a deterrent. Partnering with a licensed and experienced tree maintenance contractor means that you get the best of both worlds: full and lush trees that evoke positive emotions in your customers, and canopies carefully trimmed to highlight your business’s exterior.

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